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To Whom It May Concern

After*Words... a snippet of my creative psychology.

Song Inspiration: India Arie “Good Man”

To Whom It May Concern;

Dear Daddy,

I hope this letter finds you well

Within you’ll find the truth about my living hell

As a Fatherless child statistics state at relationships I may fail

I’m more likely to be used

My self-esteem will be abused

Mommy won’t know what to do

She’ll be the only patriarchal voice I know

But the truth is she can’t fill your shoes

All she can do is pray I follow her rules

Avoid the mistakes she made

Promise to God I can wait

Dear Father,

I hope these words pierce you well

For in them my soul will be revealed

As a Fatherless girl my heart grows colder

At the thoughts of being with any male

I fear they’ll put me through an undeniable hell

Within the relationship I may lose myself

I may not know who I am

What I’m worth

What I should expect

All I know is where I’ve been

Won’t have a clue where I’m going

My ideals may not be based on something real

Dear Sir,

I hope these years have found you doing well

We have unresolved issues that reside in my soul and dwell

I’ve grown up in an insecure world

I want to know what it means to be Daddy’s little girl

You left me in the cold, no warmth, no love

I don’t long for a man’s touch

I yearn for my Father’s protective hug

I need to know it wasn’t me you ran from

I’d like to know how to treat him

I want you to know that I still need your love

Yours Truly,

A Girl Named Nicky

(Deeper Meanings- Basic Truths).

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