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An eight-week psychodynamic coaching program

Week 1: Introduction to Psychodynamics          

Week 2: Identifying the Self

Week 3: Understanding the Ego

                         for our next cohort to learn more 

The Self-Made Shop was designed to deliver on our word to support youth (11-19) experiencing homelessness or living in a domestic violence shelter. 40% of every purchase covers time for youth to connect with a qualified mental health professional (QMHP).


Tactful Disruption® presents Deviant Genius©, a lifestyle brand for the neurodiverse.

Youth are identified by Gary Commission for Women and all QMHPs are master-level counselors in training under direct supervision.

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After*Words is a series produced in 2020 in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder to help others find hope and healing as many figure out the shortcomings of throwing money at the problem.


As a result, Theoretically Speaking has become our special brand of  2nd Self Psychology offering tools such as Oracle, Tarot, and DBT journaling skills decks to help others thrive beyond the therapy, coaching, and classroom setting. This product line contains the Heal the Ages 8-Week companion journal, the 52-Week planner + journal, the Shadow Self journal for healing, the Higher Self journal for creative expression, and the Disruptive One's 30-Day thought log.

Tactful Disruption® is meeting people where they are at to take them where they wish to go.

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