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😩 The Copycat’s

Dear Hatin’ Ass Copycat! (Read description)

Dear spammer/scammer (Mean Spirited & Cruel People)

Stop being pathetic and get a noble source of income. I think you’ve definitely inspired me to find new ways to showcase my skills and you’re getting me noticed for greater opportunities but BISH sit down.

My superpower is my humility and I have a body of work with amazing souls who want to see me win.

I’m curious if you are really some self important asshole I told to “come healed” and you couldn’t handle it?

Your tactics look very familiar to me- too close to my own military war gaming training. Don’t make me tell the higher ups I know why you’re targeting me. Let it go before you see how powerful I really am. And stop threatening me with “only those who care about you can hear your silence.”

You can’t get rid of me! I’m literally trained for this level of social media crazy. Additionally, I’m not going to let you destroy years of hard work with no rhyme or reason for aggressive malice. Now, did you mean to pick a fight with me? I got time now!

It’s sad how hard you’re going to block me from being seen. I don’t have it in me to play in such negative energy. I will be successful because I choose to fight back with positive intention and good energy!

#tactfuldisruption #psychologicalwarfare #mentalresiliency

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