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Tactful Disruption, LLC™️

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Not every therapist is a healer. Not every healer is a clinician. Not every clinician will minister to your soul.

🗣Cal Scruby 🎶Cold Showers

While spirituality is not a trend - sometimes it’s the missing element in clinical mental health practices.

Are you familiar with “the dark night of the soul” a poem by St John of the Cross?

Ever wonder why you can’t really explain depression or what it means to have an identity crisis?

Do you remember your more intense emotions from your childhood?

Are you attracted to tarot intuitives ? Familiar with the oracle deck that houses “healer of the ages” ?

What if your self actualization is embedded in releasing some of your energetic attachments? After all what do you think all those theories in psychology are about if they haven’t expired yet?

RSVP to spend 6 weeks with me as I help you use theories to get to the root of what you need to heal. Ready to take your emotions back into your own hands?

Our heal the ages program is designed for the individual who understands they have to start somewhere. We will coach you to believe in your independence and move towards your personal fulfillment.

visit to learn more.

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