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Assertively Passive

After*Words: a snippet of my creative psychology

Song Inspiration: Iyla #power


I’m sorry it was an accident

She didn’t mean for me to hear her

When she was talking shit

He meant to call me a beauty queen

And not an ugly bitch

They didn’t mean to say those things

They’re sorry it was an accident?

How many people really believe that shit?

Sometimes the things we say and do

Are just merely accidents?

It’s not intended to be thoughtless or crude

If you do

Good for you

As for me

That’s bullshit

Nothing in life is an accident

Ever thought to yourself Why this?

Why now?

Why me?

That’s how things are supposed to be

You don’t have to like her

Because those are your feelings

You don’t have to love me

But you’re not supposed to hate anything

A car hit me at the age of six

I wasn’t supposed to live

Broke my leg when I was thirteen

By slipping on ice in front of the entire student body

Endured the entire school laughing at me

Broke my ankle in the middle of a track meet

At the age of fifteen

It wasn’t an accident

It was supposed to happen to me

When you get stressed out

Nobody can bother you

When you become annoyed

The world becomes your tool

What happens when the world turns its back on you?

You feel like that was an accident too?

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