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Meet Dr. McGrew

Dr. Ariel McGrew has established a strong reputation as a multifaceted professional, excelling in various domains such as psychology, education, and entrepreneurship.

As the founder of Tactful Disruption®️, she integrates her skills as a licensed professional counselor and business psychologist to enhance workplace dynamics and mental health. Her expertise is particularly noted in areas like anxiety, ADHD, and leadership development, among others.

Dr. McGrew's academic and professional journey includes significant achievements. She is recognized for her deep commitment to mental health advocacy and her ability to empower clients to achieve greater personal and professional success. Her therapeutic approach includes a diverse range of methodologies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, which she applies to help her clients with various challenges, including emotional regulation, life transitions, and personal growth.

Her role as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University further showcases her dedication to education, where she influences future professionals in psychology and counseling. Here, she leverages her extensive knowledge and experience to provide a rigorous learning environment for her students.

Dr. McGrew is also actively involved with The Darkest Horse, a community initiative focused on promoting radical inclusion and the future of work. Her involvement in this initiative underscores her commitment to advancing workplace equity and supporting diverse communities.

Overall, Dr. McGrew is respected not only for her professional expertise but also for her role as a community leader and advocate for inclusive practices in both mental health and business sectors.

Dr. Ari McGrew

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