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Who? & How.

After*Words:a snippet of my creative psychology.

Song Inspiration -> Ella Mai “Found” from the Change EP

Who? & How.

The seed was planted

darkness ensued

watered by experiences of what?

what it is to endure

the discomfort of growth

how long?

what does this actually mean?

breaking through temporary casing.

why is this happening?

to feel different

but unable to see

pushing through a concept;

the adversity!

breaking through

a new beginning.

new sensations.

territory unfamiliar.

new light that begs of closed eyes

to feel but to not see

the fascination of such

a beautiful transformation.

why all the pain?

why the darkness?

do I recognize the fruit I bear?

what’s so special about this season?

my roots grow deeper with time and reflection.

the appreciation

I have not known

in my earlier phase

leaves me to notice

where I focused my pain.

The growth in hindsight

was my saving grace.

I now breath the air

meant for me.

I feel warmth.

I dance in the rain.

I stand tall in a place meant for me.

a deeply planted seed

a model worth sampling.😉

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