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Updated: Aug 8, 2022

After*Words: a snippet of my creative psychology Song Inspiration: Phora ft. DaniLeigh

“To the people I needed, thank you for leaving”

This just May blow someone’s mind. Are you ready?

If you were raised by a distorted feminine- you have deep mother wounds. Something she said or did to you in your industry vs.inferiority stage of development (see Erik Erickson) may have affected your identity vs role confusion later. We unpack this in March during the “Healing the Ages” 6 week series.

Really look at the energy in the behaviors... now look at your current social circle. If you find that your new upbringing doesn’t offer emotional safety and provides support and remains encouraging- there’s work right there to be done.

...did you know you’ll be able to own a deck of these in the Spring? Feel free to tell us when these resonate to your well-being journey.

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