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The Overlap

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

After*Words: a snippet of my creative psychology

Song Inspiration: Lloyd Bank$ “Warrior, Pt. 2” from The Hunger for More.

The Overlap

Anointed sounds.

Shifting eyes.

Phrases without meaning. Words attached to subjectivity but not on theme.

Various topics at play.

Selective listening requires all minds to engage.

Married to emotions that validate maladaptive ways. Editing boldly unfair judgments made.

Fighting against false interpretations- group think.

The comparisons begin.

Did anyone take notice?

Sudden academic offerings

Personal stories of advocacy.

where in this moment is the learning?

Is it too late?

Have individuals become one organism- personality?




Separated by degrees of accountability.

Deep attentiveness.

S/He speaks

Who has ears

but cannot hear- there are plenty

Operator error



Is it ego that wishes to dominate?

Have they heard the language they have used- who’s angle holds the truth?

What considerations are made.

The need to compete by default.

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