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Reintroducing Myself

Updated: Aug 8, 2022



A few fun facts about me...

The bulk of my mental health training comes from working with foster youth, domestic violence survivors, military/veteran, and prison populations. I #counsel more intuitively than traditionally (aka integrative) and my orientation is all things Adlerian coupled with post modern approaches. I also belong to the Organization of Professional Astrologers.

I’m #airborne (I jumped out of #military airplanes because why not if they pay me). I love developing professionally via the United States Army - yes! I’m still serving.

I have #ADHD and I take non stimulating medication regularly (my #mind races but I’m always calm on the surface). Many subjects interest me but I’m rooted in speech communication and social psychology.

I own #tactfuldisruption (to include trademarks, copyrights, and #exclusive partnerships that allow me to advocate for military, millennials and minorities around D&I shortcomings). Our specialty is economic development and spirituality. We also do well with Appreciative Inquiry consulting.

I’m #married w/ 1 kid (waiting to divorce patiently). Simply put we didn't want the same things - so I’m parenting independently.

I’m a little more than the girl next door... I love performing #arts and British #literature... Obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology... studying business psychology... I think being a mom is the coolest thing in history.

I’m #learning everyday and encourage you to continue to embrace your #brilliance and beauty.


Published author, counselor, advocate, entrepreneur and military veteran, Ariel possesses the ability to show up with authenticity, vulnerability, and courage. Her unrelenting passion and commitment to empower others to drive important social initiatives forward with agility and focus makes her a sought after leader in many arenas.

High Impact Presenter and Business Development Expert – Ariel is a returning media guest to conversation topics stemming from Women and Veterans, Diversity and Inclusion, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship. Ariel was recognized as Woman Veteran of the Year (2019), and her accolades include Miss Veteran America, Semi-Finalist (2017), and Miss Black Utah (2010).

As Founder and CEO of Tactful Disruption®, Ariel is a scholarly practitioner who is on a mission to “boldly edit workplace italics”. A postmodern approach to mental health coaching. Ariel’s innovative approach to elevate and advocate for military, millennials, and minorities is the vision for TactfulDisruption® – a strategic resource at the intersection of mental health and career development related to diversity and inclusion shortcomings.

Ariel holds a B.Sc in Speech Communication, Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is successfully pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in Business Psychology; Consulting. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP). Additionally, she’s an adjunct professor of psychology.

She is certified in Workforce Trends and Equity, and Nonprofit Leadership, Non-profit Leadership Alliance™, GrowthWheel Advisor, GrowthWheel Inc©, High Impact Presenter, Dale Carnegie®, Veteran Peer Specialist, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance™, Mental Health and First Aid, Mental Health FirstAid England™.

Ariel is also a proud parent of a creative and independent-minded young daughter, and is a contributing member of civil rights and social action organizations in her native Chicagoland communities.


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