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Reintroducing Myself

Updated: Aug 8, 2022



A few fun facts about me...

The bulk of my mental health training comes from working with foster youth, domestic violence survivors, military/veteran, and prison populations. I #counsel more intuitively than traditionally (aka integrative) and my orientation is all things Adlerian coupled with post modern approaches. I also belong to the Organization of Professional Astrologers.

I’m #airborne (I jumped out of #military airplanes because why not if they pay me). I love developing professionally via the United States Army - yes! I’m still serving.

I have #ADHD and I take non stimulating medication regularly (my #mind races but I’m always calm on the surface). Many subjects interest me but I’m rooted in speech communication and social psychology.

I own #tactfuldisruption (to include trademarks, copyrights, and #exclusive partnerships that allow me to advocate for military, millennials and minorities around D&I shortcomings). Our specialty is economic development and spirituality. We also do well with Appreciative Inquiry consulting.

I’m #married w/ 1 kid (waiting to divorce patiently). Simply put we didn't want the same things - so I’m parenting independently.