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Motherhood + Journey

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

After*Words: a snippet of my creative psychology

🗣 Audrey Nuna 🎶Space (click image below)

Love. Life. Decisions

Somewhere outside of her ghetto

Dreams come true

One day she hopes to be a star

She prays her dreams will take her far

So far from here

Deep in the heart of the city

Resides a brick housing complex

Built of sixteen story high rise buildings

With multi-colored shards of glass landscaping the premises

Reflecting a generations broken promises and undue hardships

Under the twelfth floor of these project ceilings

You can hear her violent shrieks

It seems no one can see the dark and gloomy cloud

That looms over this spouse

Because inside this house

Lessons are taught about relationships

With a touch of color to them

Today she learned about the mixing of hues

For voicing her blues

He raised his brown sable hand to her light skin

Changing her tone like the once strong backbone he possessed

He’s obsessed with making her realize he’s her best

He strives to make her regret

The light she shines so bright

Illustrating to others she may have once been blessed

Every time he sees her smile

He can’t help but clinch his fist

Her happiness has become a nuisance to him

She thought she gave the world to him

Until her deepest affections couldn’t reach heaven

And now since that platinum and silver band

became a permanent fixture on her hand

she understands she can’t return to the woman she should have been

now wise enough to know

she can’t ignore the past that led her to him

all but a simple child

too much like the girl next door

too naïve to recognize

the difference between being a girlfriend and a whore

somewhere outside of his ghetto

dreams come true

one day he hopes to be a star

he prays his dreams will take him far

so far from here

sleeping under the bridge

he can’t help but shed tears

who determined his fate

the standards by which he should live

if the sex didn’t call him the way that it did

he’s sure he’d have a different translation of his nation’s patronage

white to him suggests a privileged skin

red is the blood shed of the innocent

blue is the uniform that constantly harasses his nature as a man

black is the misconception he feels his fate resides in

he can’t pretend he is not a victim

of his peers social construction of what it means to be hyper masculine

a victim to the stereotypical trends

it went from loving a friend

to screwing one in

for one hit of heroin

so he could drift back to the days

before he engaged in the ways of being an urban pimp

developed his limp

lived life on the edge

never too scared to tell them what they wanted to hear

just as long as when he whispered in their ear

he could feed on their vulnerability

that allowed the vulture in him

to proceed with the planting of evil deeds

the body ejaculating spilled seeds

both parties succumbing to a faltered misery

somewhere outside this ghetto

dreams come true

one day they hope to become stars

they pray their dreams will take them far

so far from here

they scream as an expression of their affection

truth is this love was never protected

realistically it should have never happened

these domestic squabbles have killed them both in spirit

neither sees the affects their actions will leave on their offspring

youth too scared to love

for fear of being rejected

as individuals being subjected to having their emotions neglected

stuck in the labyrinth ghetto

that shows no signs one may soon depart from it

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