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Mental Health Coaching

Updated: Mar 17

Did you know?

* Some 40 percent of U.S. adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression during the pandemic, up from 10 percent pre-pandemic.

* There is a dramatic shortage of licensed therapists in the U.S. and beyond.

* Certified coaches trained in evidence-based mental health approaches could help fill the gap, new research suggests.

* 58 percent of patients with depression symptoms experienced clinical recovery after at least one session with a certified coach.

Heal the Ages©️ is a psychodynamic coaching program aimed to help our “Disruptive Ones” (creative, gifted, and neurodivergent) identify critical pieces of the puzzle of who they are and reframe them in ways that allow the coachee craft a more functional and adaptively positive sense of self.

Tactful Disruption®️ is a mental health coaching and consulting practice addressing intersections.

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