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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

There are 4 things I’d like you to know about me should you choose to enlist me for well being journey.

1 I’m direct. Not rude but to the point. My mercury is in Aries... I just naturally don’t like to waste people’s time nor mine.

2 I am in the military. I’m a Reservist. I do Psychological Operations and I love it. Additionally, I love what being in the Army has done for me. So I am trained an proficient in producing people outcomes, intentionally.

3 When it comes to psycho education and mental health coaching - I have a Harriet Tubman meets Sojourner Truth spirit about me. I believe in the social justice approach to healing but it is not my entire job to free you mentally and spiritually- you must be willing to do what it takes to have positive self esteem and healthy well-being.

4 I believe in safe words. The safe word is Netflix (do not add chill). My job is to help coauthor perspective so you understand the value of your story. I know a thing or two about 2nd self psychology, schema therapy and life design constructing. I’ll be your biggest fan but silently the executive producer of your new original story.

I don’t do sliding scales (pay the stated fee for what you need) and I give you a 5 day grace period to pay all fees... if you are using a 3rd party vendor to work with me. I believe in late fees for my professional services and time. I also believe before you do anything else - your well-being is the first place you should be investing.

Everything you’ll learn with me is for your desired reality Thanks for reading!

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