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Heal the Ages

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

🗣Qveen Herby 🎶Juice 🎶

We’re so proud of the first round! 💐 They did the work and are now living in their North Node!

We said we'd do the Heal the Ages program 3x a year 2021 (for personal capacity reasons) and after this we plan for 2022.... 🤓

✨Our reviews are all over the internet. If you’re curious about it... we recommend you begin with our IG content. Get to know your mental health coach and advocate 😉😘.

Registration is live in 2 days.

15 slots available

3 time zones to choose from

6 weeks in length only on Monday nights

Sessions are 1hr 15 minutes long (but it flies)

$75.00 per session is the price

Additional details available upon selection to participate.

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