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Updated: Mar 2

Growing our people, while growing our business

Tactful disruption refers to the act of challenging the status quo in a way that promotes positive change. It involves creating disruption with the intention of improving a particular situation or system. This concept applies to various aspects of life, including psychology and business.

In psychology, tactful disruption involves challenging traditional models of therapy and counseling. It requires therapists to think outside the box and consider alternative methods of treatment that may be more effective. Tactful disruption can also be applied to mental health coaching and consulting.

In the business world, tactful disruption is a strategy that companies can use to stay ahead of the competition. This approach involves creating disruption in a way that benefits the company and its customers. Tactful disruption can help companies identify new opportunities and create innovative solutions to existing problems. Companies that use this strategy can stay ahead of the competition and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Tactful Disruption®️, founded by Ariel McGrew, is a mental health coaching and consulting practice that uses this approach to address intersections in mental health. The practice focuses on helping clients navigate the complex intersections of identity, culture, and systemic oppression.


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*we found this article fascinating


Ari McGrew, chief creative officer and founder of Tactful Disruption®️, is an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University where she teaches psychotherapies and counseling theories. She's also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, ForbesBLK, and a PESI global partner.

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