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Full Disclosure

After * Words: a snippet of my creative psychology.

Song Inspiration: NF “when I grow up”

I hate that I was ever taught, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Words will always carry weight and undergo personality based scrutiny. And yes, while bruises do fade the scar itself does not carry the memory. It is the words used against me that I found will always have a powerful affect over and within me.

From childhood to now, I’ve been a keeper of words. The art of language brings with it endless possibilities and/or limited opportunities. Either way, it is the expression of intellect and emotion that often muddy its mechanics.

From this, I take away my most treasured memories. These memories offered me a depth to understanding my own humanity. A humanity I never realized meant something to me until I heard, "Congratulations, you’re going to be a Mommy.” With those words, I began a journey that has proven itself to be profitable to me beyond my wildest dreams. But before I proceed, I want it to be clear I am speaking my truth with intent to heal. I have been beaten badly by life with experiences that have offered harsh words, difficult emotions, and complicated understandings.

The words that follow are, for me, a dressing of forgiveness over the infected wounds I simply will never forget. These are my life lessons learned and appreciated. They are not all happy, nor sad, but a balance between what I have expected, accepted, tolerated, and kindheartedly rejected. I do not make any apologies of the formal brand and can only hope I am well received because I know words hurt/heal and emotions run deep or not, but hindsight is 20/20, I simply ask you to forgive me.

-Not(e) to Self; Friend, Family , Foe, *Fully Disclosed ... COMING SOON!!!

* Full disclosure, the acknowledgement of possible conflicts of interest in one's work.

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