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Egotistical Ways

After*Words is a series of snippets based on my personal psychology - a blend of music and poetry.


Inspiration: Song credit @beyonce ft @kanyewest #ego

Egoism goes masquerading as spirituality

Where does it profit a man to persecute the righteous if he himself does not practice what he says?

Must you believe pride and arrogance to be different things?

Do you see your reflection in me?

How can one gain employment from finding the error of another's way if he himself does not see the transgression in his own deed? Why do you blame another for your internal bleeding if the cause of your demise is your own iniquity?

Can you not see the results appear only in the immediate bruising?

What is it that you think sets you apart from me?

Do we not all belong to the same species?

How can we live together with divided realities?

Why do you oppress me for the things that are not in resemblance of my doing?

If you sense with ease?

How do you fear anything?

Does not comfort keep you warm?

Is it not adversity that makes you strong?

Why do you curse before you praise?

Shall I address you sympathetically for the error of your ways ?

Will you demand an explanation at the end of days

Is it me you pity or the flesh I allowed you to create

Who do you insist on showing me the way?

I ponder once more if it’s ego that goes masquerading as a spiritual warrior.

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