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After*Words: a snippet of my creative psychology

Song Inspiration: Cal Scruby “I told you”


She’s the one that might have said that

That and all those other things

She made it all up

Her entire world is make-believe

She wanted to model

She really wants to pen a literary masterpiece

To all of those who matter

Her dreams don’t mean too much of anything

She won’t be discouraged

She believes in accomplishing her dreams

She’s done it once

She’ll do it again

This opportunity is hers for the taking

People can say and do what they feel

But to her...

her dreams are real

She won’t be discouraged!

Be fearful but for a brief moment

Let not their thoughts concern

The deeper content of where you’ve been

Let them judge a book by the cover

Let them ruin their chance

Many entertain angels unknowingly

Discouraging the parable of talent...

true evidence of divine connection

Don’t be discouraged

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