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Powerful Kindergarten Lessons

Do you remember the story of “the little red hen”?

She found a grain, she planted it, she harvested it, she made some bread? But all along the way she kept inviting folks into the process before the final product was finished. They all said no! They just couldn’t see it- they all lacked her vision.

It wasn’t until they could smell what it was she had been cooking they wanted a little taste of her efforts. And she snapped saying, “uh no, bro (I’m obviously paraphrasing) remember when I asked you if you’d help me with a, b, c, and d and you couldn’t find it in you to support me?” They felt like morons and from that day forward they knew they’d have to put in the work.

That’s what entrepreneurship and self esteem development are like. Not everyone is going to get it. They will see your results and then want in on the action. But the ‘whole’ time you knew you had the recipe for success. The bread was just a reward for building on something until it became solid knowledge. There’s wisdom in doing the work it takes to achieve a desired end state.

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