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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Disruptive One,

What a long ass journey towards self actualization, huh? You’re not even at the final destination yet either. In the past few years you’ve learned a ton about yourself, your environment, your passions, your insecurities, your uncomfortable truths.

You’ve been shedding thinking traps for new worldviews. You understand the value of your energy suddenly, too. It’s like balance has everything to do with the things that you have to do that come to easy to you. The ability to learn and do has been a saving grace for you. It’s not easy to be left out and still having enough faith to be the only one who believes in you (seemingly).

You’ve changed so much in the pursuit of doing something meaningful for you. Round of applause for finally accepting you. You are your own truth! Life gives you wisdom through experience and occasionally a lot of emotional distance for expansion. It’s time you realize in life you are an initiate - respect your calling. The shift is occurring.

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