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Disruptive One,

You have no idea how all the time by yourself has been your greatest protection. In the silence you can feel better. Under the moon you can hear clearer. With time you get better. The time you’ve spent investing in yourself makes a world of difference.

In 6 months, that’s all it takes with a whole bunch of work ethic and discipline you will be uniquely positioned to offer other the compassion they withheld from you. You’re alone because you are learning something the world may need. Continue to set your boundaries and build where no one can see. Revelation day is coming January 2023.

This is about more than the will to succeed. It’s about coming back to get everything they attempted to take right in front of your face. This level up is a reminder your mind is a dangerous weapon, so feed it the proper nutrition and take no prisoners 😉.

(Click image for channeled song)

#karma #thebigpayback #tactfuldisruption