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Disruptive One,

Can I share a little bit about me as I’m dancing through the stage of intimacy vs. isolation?

Engaged three times. Married once. Divorcing soon. I fall in love cautiously. But this one… makes my heart smile. To say, I’m attracted is an understatement. I have already decided their worthy. It’s me! I love me some me 🤣😂😉.

Uh, but seriously falling in love with even the not so pretty parts of me are very healing. My toxic traits are death stares, retracting my energy and actively making you climb emotional walls to get to me. I love deep conversations but I enjoy practical things. My favorite pass time is cooking and learning. My favorite subjects are leadership and neurosciences. Creativity excites me. Trying to fit the standard is challenging for me - it’s a neurodivergent thing.

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I attract both sexes but I am definitely heteronormative and like all races, honestly. I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy but I am willing to blend energy one more time. I enjoy baecations because quality time and gift giving are the love languages I speak. I loose interest in many things quickly because it stopped stimulating me. I enjoy the presence of men I trust to lead me because I enjoy being in my femininity.

I have crushed on people for years and never said anything. I have been vulnerable with the wrong people and it’s hurt me. I have missed opportunities with some who were good for me. I love the nice guy but he overlooks me. I have been a collegiate thugs everything. I have been one sided plenty of times and there’s been moments where learning to shut the fuck up has absolutely triggered me (I’m wiser now about skillful peace).

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I have loved those who loved me. I have loved those who didn’t know how to love me. I’ve been stripped down by people wishing to control me and built up by people who want the best for me. I have had to learn to love conditionally. I’m still learning to unlearn my moments of obsessing thinking about all the ways I want to but can’t connect if the intention is unclear to me. I reject confusion and accept my decisions confidently. I recognize I get swept in the passion of creating the best reality. I love Love comes naturally to me. #tactfuldisruption

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