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Disruptive One,

Would you look at that?! Your natural born tendencies to listen and observe have given you a leg up. Nobody saw it coming. They didn’t mean to underestimate you while overestimating themselves. Your mysterious nature makes so much sense now and they’re hoping you forgive them for trying to keep your true value under wraps. Unfortunately, for them, the prices went up to be in your auric field. This transformation was so subtle but your success will be so public. Now they have to live with the regret. They know now to never try that shit again. This is chess not checkers and you are heavily protected because the right ones understand the power you’ve inherited this lifetime. Are you ready to change hearts and minds?

Numerology 17,8- success is guaranteed

Planet: Mercury- God hired me, you can’t fire me!

(Click image for channeled song)

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