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Disruptive One,Disruptive One,

Crazy how space and opportunity can catapult you into your divine timeline. Recognizing where effort and attitude are under your complete control, you’ve managed to escape almost every obstacle designed to disempower you.

Look at you moving effortlessly through the highs and lows of legacy building. Your stamina is amazing. You didn’t bat an eye once on this journey. In fact you picked yourself up and got back on your bullshit (so they called it - but here’s the scoop- your action inspired others around you to get disciplined, too).

Now look at you being honored for being gifted when they simply wished no one else would learn about you.

That time alone helped you shed the lies. They were left fixing a grave for their own demise. You made it, love (you passed your initiation by not giving in). Watch the opportunities begin to roll in. The wheel of fortune is forever in your favor this day forward.

Be studios of where you are going - you have guides to keep you on track. And whatever you do - DON’T LOOK BACK! Are you ready to take your victory lap?

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