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Disruptive One,

The day asks you to honor your journey. You’ve undergone a significant healing in the areas of self expression, mood regulation, and self acceptance. The angst of childhood has finally found resolve. You’ve done the shadow work and healed from your upbringing. You are free to be who you desire in this lifetime without the doubt. You’ve learned to trust yourself.

Look how far you’ve come all on your own. Because you can speak over your life, you have ended karmic contracts. Self respect looks good on you! Congratulations, for pursuing your truth and trusting spirit to properly guide you.

Numerology 6: the natural nurturer

Planet: Moon (Cancer; family)

Chiron: see Greek mythology; the birth of Sagittarius

The Fool: a person who knows how to drink their water and mind their business (😉)

Clarity skill: be intentional and write it down.

(Click image for channeled song)

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