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Disruptive One,

Don’t suppress, express with finesse. Listen more than you speak. Speak to the reality of the thing- there is no requirement you readily agree. Monitor for emotional trappings and proceed accordingly. If decisions must be made consider who benefits and who in the scenario has the real authority. If this is an opportunity to practice owning your core beliefs - then believe what you preach (someone is listening). If you aren’t already, it may be time to request the retainer fee for your valuable energy.

On the other side, let’s be honest about the ship you’re driving in. It’s time to introduce the family yo new communication disciplines. Are you ready to harness the power of being a divine feminine/ masculine? If so you need to overstand the deadly combination of beauty and brilliance.

Keep your smile safe and your words heavily guarded - there’s a purpose for them. You’ll know before the day is over with.

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