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Disruptive One,

There’s an adage that states, “never forget where you came from.” I came from the south side of Chicago, the Robert Taylor homes. I grew up in the first planned racially integrated city of the south suburbs. I have experiences that ought to be made for tv.

I can’t do anything about the hidden truths I was born into. I can, however, refuse the hand me down dreams that project limitations on to me. I can seek guidance where it does not exist normally. I can overcome obstacles that while predetermined have nothing to do with me. I can change the pattern of behavior so it does not persist with my own offspring. I can be proud of my roots and understand it’s not my destiny. I can go after my goals. I can achieve milestones no one else ever saw for me. I can be my best friend and worst enemy. I can remember the lessons learned and thank the Universe for blessing me. I can move forward knowing I came from a place that has tendency to break girls like me. The challenges are where I found my opportunities.

Whoever you are wherever you’re from. Engage in perspective taking off and on. Are you a product of your environment or a big fish in a little pond? Can you stay longer or is it time to move on? If home is where the heart is, do you know where you belong?

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