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Tactful Disruption® Heal the Ages

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Introduction to the Tactful Disruption® Heal the Ages 8-Week Psychodynamic Coaching Program

Welcome to the Tactful Disruption® "Heal the Ages" 8-Week Psychodynamic Coaching Program – a transformative journey designed to help you unlock your full potential, heal emotional wounds, and navigate the complexities of your inner world. We are excited to embark on this profound and enlightening experience with you.

The Power of Psychodynamic Coaching:

Psychodynamic coaching is a powerful approach that delves deep into the subconscious, allowing you to understand and overcome long-standing patterns of behavior, beliefs, and emotions. It's a journey of self-discovery that can lead to lasting personal growth, improved relationships, and a heightened sense of well-being.

Your Experienced Guide:

Our program is led by Dr. Ariel McGrew, a seasoned business psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and Certified Non-profit Management leader. With over a decade of experience in psychology, entrepreneurship, and personal development, Dr. McGrew brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to guide you through this transformative process.

What to Expect:

Over the course of eight weeks, you will embark on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. Here's what you can expect from the "Heal the Ages" program:

1. Psychodynamic Insights: You will gain a deep understanding of the underlying dynamics that shape your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This insight will empower you to make positive changes in your life.

2. Emotional Healing: We will address emotional wounds from the past and work towards healing and resolution. This process can lead to greater emotional resilience and a sense of inner peace.

3. Personal Growth: You will uncover your true potential and develop the skills and mindset needed for personal and professional growth.

4. Improved Relationships: As you gain clarity about your own inner world, you will also improve your relationships with others by understanding their perspectives and reactions.

5. Practical Tools: Throughout the program, you will receive practical tools and exercises to apply what you've learned in your daily life.

6. Supportive Community: You'll have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of fellow participants, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth.

Your Commitment:

This program is a partnership between you and our team at Tactful Disruption®. Your commitment to the process, engagement with the materials, and willingness to explore your inner world will be essential for your success.

Next Steps:

We encourage you to dive into the program with an open heart and an open mind. Be prepared to confront challenges, experience breakthroughs, and embark on a journey of self-transformation. Each week, you will receive new modules and guidance to support your progress.

We're excited to have you on board for this life-changing experience. Get ready to heal, grow, and discover the best version of yourself through the "Heal the Ages" 8-Week Psychodynamic Coaching Program.

With warmth and anticipation,

Dr. Ariel McGrew

Founder and CEO, Tactful Disruption®


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  • December 9, 2023


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