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a *mental health coaching + consulting practice

We provide mental health coaching that helps clients envision life with less stress and other obstacles to emotional well-being in career, entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership.

*It is a niche within the coaching field that touches on therapy but does not work with or attempt to treat severe mental illness.


Tactful Disruption® is a powerful concept that demands respect and action. To create positive change or innovation, you must be willing to disrupt existing processes or systems with discretion and thoughtfulness.

Our BREAK G.L.A.S.T™ framework involves recognizing the value of established procedures, acknowledging their limitations, and identifying opportunities for improvement - a little more than a working theory.

Tactful Disruption® requires strategic thinking and careful planning to ensure purposeful and effective disruption. The ultimate goal is to create a significant impact and generate new ideas and approaches that can lead to progress and powerful growth. If you want to make a real difference, embrace Tactful Disruption® and be a force for positive change.

When we started, we set out to be a strategic resource at the intersection of mental health and career development related to diversity, equity, and inclusion shortcomings.  We eventually learned the power of showing up as our authentic selves on social media via the After*Words series, and the rest is still being written...

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"Connecting with Ariel was an eye-opening experience. She was able to help me think about my organization in new ways and helped me to see some need areas that I had not been spending enough time on. She showed me to how to look at situations from a new point of view that inspired me to make a change in several aspects of my organization.    With disruption comes great change and innovation. Tactful Disruption will help you do just that!" 
Nonprofit Community Program Director
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