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A mental health
coaching + consulting
practice addressing

Not every therapist is a healer.
Not every healer is a clinician.
Not every Clinician will minister to your soul.
We specialize in executive therapy/consulting.

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Becoming the Nike of mental health at the Tactful Disruption® company means we are leading the charge in providing comprehensive and practical mental health resources to individuals and companies. We offer coaching services, host educational events, provide access to master-level mental health professionals, and promote a culture of acceptance and understanding in all our pieces of training. We're actively helping to reduce the stigma attached to mental health issues and advocating for employees to prioritize their mental well-being.

What is Tactful Disruption®?

Tactful Disruption® is a theory that suggests that in order to create positive change or innovation, it is sometimes necessary to disrupt existing processes or systems in a respectful and considerate manner. It involves recognizing the value of established systems, acknowledging their limitations, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Tactful Disruption®  requires strategic thinking and careful planning to ensure that the disruption is thoughtful and purposeful rather than reckless or destructive. The goal is to create a positive impact and generate new ideas or approaches that can lead to progress and growth.

What is an executive therapist?

An executive therapist is a mental health professional who specializes in working with professionals in the executive, business, or corporate world. They provide counseling, coaching, and support services to individuals who are struggling with the unique stressors associated with managerial and executive positions. Executive therapists are knowledgeable about the professional and personal pressures related to high-level positions and work to help their clients find balance, success, and fulfillment in their lives.

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What is mental health coaching?

 Psychological coaching aims to help clients achieve concrete goals, identify and overcome obstacles to well-being and performance, and build skills that may interfere with productivity and pragmatics.

The Tactful Disruption® Company uses mental health coaching to address DEI challenges in organizations because we recognize that to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment, it's important to address mental health issues that can prevent people from feeling comfortable and accepted in the workplace. Mental health coaching provides employees with the tools and resources to help them work through their own mental health challenges, as well as provides them with the ability to understand better and relate to the challenges of their colleagues from different backgrounds. This can help create a more harmonious and productive workplace. We leverage the evidence of psychodynamic coaching and neuroscience.

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What is an executive consultant?

An executive consultant is a professional who gives advice, support, and guidance to an organization's management team. Their insights help companies develop feasible and viable solutions for corporate issues.

Tactful Disruption®  strives to empower and enable organizations to create meaningful and lasting change. Our goal is to provide organizations with the tools and resources needed to navigate the challenges of change successfully. Through our innovative and creative approach, Tactful Disruption® works with organizations to develop strategies and tactics to create sustainable, long-term change. We also provide support and guidance to organizations as they transition and implement their new strategies and tactics. With our comprehensive suite of services and training, Tactful Disruption® can help organizations create the meaningful change they need to succeed. We help emerging leaders break G.L.A.S.T in their presence and communication to handle their new roles effectively.

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The Tactful Disruption® company has grown significantly since its inception, expanding into new markets and developing innovative products and services. As a result, Tactful Disruption® has become an industry leader in customer relationship management and customer experience optimization. The Tactful Disruption® Company has earned a reputation for delivering excellent customer service and providing a platform that is both intuitive and powerful. With its focus on customer satisfaction, the company has created lasting relationships with its clients and maintained its position as a leader in the customer experience space. We support masters-level clinicians interested in executive coaching and business development.

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