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Workforce Diversity:

encompasses group + situational identities of your organization's employees. 


Behavioral Diversity:

encompasses work + learning + communication styles, aspirations, value systems and attitude changes of individuals related to their workplace.


Structural Diversity:

encompasses interaction across functions, organizational levels + across divisions  to make teams more flexible and less layered. 



encompasses the promotion of open communication, knowledge sharing + innovation by creating space and mutually respectful environment.


Career Development +

Mental Health:

a holistic approach to reviewing behavioral  influences internalized through socialization.


What We DO

Our services are simple. We help others find suitable solutions for ill-fitted and outdated approaches on how to work a venture through an appreciative inquiry and life design framework.


We work with individuals and organizations seeking to elevate their distinctiveness and belonging through collaboration.

We understand the mental health challenges in career development.

Tactful Disruption promotes wellness both at the individual level + alongside your venture to have societal impact.

how we do it

Mental Health Coaching:

virtual, in-person, via  Wix app

(book now).

Mental Health Consulting:

pilot programs + curriculum development + customed employee assistant programs

(book now).

Motivational Speaking:

virtual ice breakers, in-person values conversations

(book now).

why we do it

We want to make the workplace kinder, more compassionate, wiser about mental health struggles, and less punitive towards people who contribute to the workplace but who sometimes struggle, through no fault or choice of their own.

Mental health problems  ARE REAL + have an impact on employers and businesses directly through increased absenteeism, a negative impact on productivity and profits, as well as an increase in costs to deal with the issue.

We're a strategic resource at the intersection of mental health and career development related to diversity and inclusion shortcomings.

where we are

Are you familiar with Westat or Depression + Bipolar Support Alliance?

We have special pricing for SSA Self Study participants who go through Westat. The percentage of people receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) for a mental health impairment is increasing.


In 2005, SSA selected Westat to lead the Mental Health Treatment Study (MHTS), which found that supported employment services integrated with behavioral health treatment and systematic medication management helped disability beneficiaries with mental health impairments return to work, improve their health, and lower their hospital utilization.


The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, working in partnership with Tactful Disruption, has created an online support group exclusively for female minority veterans.

Together, we are working to engage minority women veterans looking for understanding, acceptance, help and hope in addressing their deeply personal mental health journey.

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